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Aug 2010
This is a letter for you.

there are reasons I dumped you
And those reasons make
me not want to be
your friend, either.

You seem confused.
of course you are.
All right, well, if you
really want to know
(brace yourself):

You’re annoying
and small;
you try wayyy too hard.
You think you’re a stud,
a Hot Shot,
but you’re really not.
Everyone knows
I was way too good for you,
except you.
You tell your friends
like a ******* girl.
Did I mention
how puny and small you are?

It’s laughable that
you think that
you still have a shot with me,
as a lover, a friend, whatever.

Well, guess what, *******.
You’re living in your own head.

Please don’t talk to me anymore,
invite me to things,
or think about me.

I’m SO over it
And I can’t believe
I ever fell for you
in the first place.

The Girl of Your Dreams
cheers to failed relationships.
Janet Li
Written by
Janet Li  charleston
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