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Oct 2013
There's a noise outside
a rustling of Autumn leaves
the candle in the pumpkin has gone out
and someone is trying the front door

The house is locked up tight
yet I do not feel safe
my curtains are closed
yet I am compelled to look outside

So I pull the curtains apart slowly
there's a face at the window
a face of murderous intent
pressed with killing eyes wide

This is my halloween nightmare
this is the freighting death of me
I have a knife in my hand
holding tight in the corner of my room

It maybe one or more
wanting the death of me
but whatever happens
it will be the death of me

A window shatters above my head
someone is in my bedroom
now coming down the stairs
with a blade with my name on

So it's my time
my time to die
this is my Halloween nightmare
this is the death of me

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Christos Andreas Kourtis
Written by
Christos Andreas Kourtis  London UK
(London UK)   
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