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Oct 2013
We are blocks of marble,
Waiting patiently for the
Sculptor to arrive with the
Mallet and Chisel to create
Beautiful Sculptures that we
Have never seen before.

We are blank canvases,
Waiting patiently for the
Painter to arrive with the
Brushes and Paints and
Visions of masterpieces
Full of beautiful colors,
Shapes, and design that
The world has never seen.

We are molten glasses,
Waiting patiently for the
Glassblower to arrive and
Shape us into beautiful
Works of art that makes
The world go "ooh" and
"Aah" as everyone sees
Us shimmering in the sun.

We are beautiful threads,
Waiting patiently for the
Weaver to arrive and to sit
And turn us into beautiful
Tapestries that everyone
Wants to hang on their wall
And to pass down from
Generation to generations.

We are the blocks of marble,
We are the blank canvases,
We are the molten glasses,
We are the beautiful threads.

We wait patiently for the Artists
To Create us into works of art
The world has never seen before.
We wait for the Artists without
Realizing their true identities.
All we have to do is look in the
Mirror because we are the Artists.

We are who we are and we are
Unique. As we grow, we slowly
Create works of art that the world
Has never seen before. It's a long
And painful journey with up's and

Down's and speedbumps along
The road but we shape ourselves
Into the types of people we want
Ourselves to become and who we
Want the world to remember us as.

We are the Artists.
We are the works of art.
We will be unique and the
Everyone will be in awe at
Who we will become.
David Chin
Written by
David Chin  29/M/New Jersey
(29/M/New Jersey)   
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