Oct 2013

I can't believe it's over
You ripped out all my heart
But now I'm looking back
And we're better off apart

All the shit you made me go through
All the sneaking and the lies
I looked all over this
And looked right in your eyes

I thought that there was love
And real meaning in there
But now I'm looking back
And you didn't really care

You deceived my whole family
And put me up for the blame
I feel like just another piece
In your experimental game

But I loved you anyway
With all the pleasure and the lust
You were everything I needed
But one that none could trust

You are a great person
Without a doubt I know
I just thought you would man up
And not just let me go.

How hard it is to say sorry
Not that difficult I'm for sure
Just grow a pair and do it
Or just kick me out the door

You said goodbye through text
Oh how classy you are
I was in tears and pain
But that didn't get to far

I came to the realization
You were bringing me so far down
I need a real man in my life
And not some filthy lying clown

I'm happier without you
And my smile never fades
I have my joyous life back
Without you who just degrades

I see you a couple after
I ask if you are okay
You say not a word
So I just walk away

You then TEXT me right after
Yet again I state what class
And you say you really miss me
And I say kiss my ass

Please Fuck off you loser
I don't mind being friends
I want you to be happy
But not with me as your end

When I pass by your home
I hope you really see
Me with my windows down
And As happy as can be

I have the bass in my head
And my happiness where I go
I never needed you at all
And my smile I get to show

So the lesson of this all
I really must admit
Always be happy
And don't listen to his shit.

Sorry for the cussing... Just the feels.

By the way... Always stay happy. It works... I can pretty much guarantee it.
Written by
Amanda  Texas
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