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Oct 2013
The raged little blue eyed girl had so many years
from her past she has cried many tears
sitting on a bench with her dog Spot at her side
hair not comb wearing cuffed up hole's in my farmer jeans
Mother yelling, hold still for the picture or you know what I mean.
I sat very still with Spot at my side
knowing she was not happy nor satisfied
Please Mamma, why can't I have a pretty dress?
and look like a little girl like all the rest
I jumped off the bench with Spot at my side
The picture wasn't taken and again unjustified
I was punished and locked in the shed
Spot was laying out side the door
we were both looking through the crack in the floor
I could see him he could see me,
Felt like I was lock there for eternity,
If Spot was only human he could set me free
I'm locked up like a animal and he could be me
Laying cold on the old wooden floor,
Spot don't leave me, don't leave me no more
When I get older I'm going to run away some day
Take spot and find a home far away
may need to change some wording
Written by
Judy Klein  United Sraes
(United Sraes)   
   Isabella Pullivan and ---
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