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Oct 2013
Oh be careful of them young boys
I heard my momma say.
Silly, I thought, what does she mean.
Surely saying young only refers to age.
Them young boys are gonna break your heart,
Play with you, tease you and capture you Straight from the start.
Them young boys? Impossible I say.
They love me too much to let things go that way.
Oh momma what do you mean when you say that they lie,
My dear child listen to me, it's better if you hide
Hide away from then young boys, its safer, trust me, you'll see.
Them young boys love to break your heart
Into tiny bits and pieces.
Yet still I chose disobedience and followed them young boys anyway.
Boy oh boy why had I not listened,
This is not child's play.
Now I sit, brokenhearted, with tons of memories as proof.
Proof of all i've been through, with all them young boys.
Listen to your momma my friends used to say, and I never understood why
But better that than a broken heart, that them young boys tore apart.
Listen to your momma big little girl,
She knows what she's talking about.
Written by
Keshia Hayley Africa  Santorini, Greece
(Santorini, Greece)   
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