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Oct 2013
They look at each other,
look away,
It seems to be choreographed  like a dance between them

He looks at her,
She glances, giggles
He looks away
This is the infamous tango of hearts
They watch, They wait, They wonder

Until one day,
Someone makes a step that doesn't fit into the dance.

A new boy,
One who hasn't been observing their dance,
He walks up to her as she giggles
He smirks, saunters, and flirts

The dance shudders,


Her heart has been won

He looks at her,
She glances up, meets his eyes,
Looks away.
The dance is still being performed,

This time though, it is a dance of friendship.

Of Worry
Of Desperation, both his and hers
For months he's seen her like this

The downcast look in her eye
A sudden pain when she is touched
An obvious flinch is she is so much as reached for

She comes to talk to him
They laugh
Almost like old times

Yet he can't mistake the pain in her eyes
He moves to touch her
A hand grabs her arm and jerks her away

He looks
She shakes her head
He frowns, pleads silently
She shakes her head again
He nods,

And he walks away

He looks
She is distrusting
She got out, alone,
The new boy, now old in her views comes to her

The boy is is apologetic, The boy pleads with her
She looks across the room to her boy,
Not one she's dated,
But one she shares an even more intimate relationship with
One she trusts.

This is the boy that has been with her all along,
He who danced the dance with her through it all.
The only boy that she could trust to know the steps

She needs help now, so she looks to him
He shakes his head,
Now she is the one who frowns,

He shakes his head again
And she walks away.
Away from her past
And towards her future.
Alexis Peterson
Written by
Alexis Peterson
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