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Oct 2013
On the surface of your skin
I can see
You are
Within the reflection of a breath
And soft
Spoken words
They demand everything
At once my
Heavy thoughts
In blood while
In some other world the desolation
Of days gone
Filters like 26
Fleeting memories
By the hands of
I’ve described my moments on napkins
And given them to strangers
On the street
At some point my collapse
Will re-invent the air and the movement
Of your digestion
And the scary
Part of you
Will be there holding me down
The glass wall
The reflections will disappear and broken
Windows cut
I’m letting
Don’t be afraid
If all else within my reach loves
You then we can die
Like small raindrops trapped in a
The miscarried thoughts of eyes
And saliva soaked kisses soon
Envelope you an extension of morning
And the hands that touched you in so many ways are now lost
In the vague shadows of your voice
Apprehending colors that disappear and I forget about you and silence
Left among the doves of grass
Your shelter it all
Written by
Moe  M/earth
   Andrea Button, ---, --- and 42
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