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Oct 2013
just because i walk tall with my back straight
doesnt make me vain or proud
just because  i wear loose clothing
doesnt mean i'm insecure
just because i speak out loud
doesnt mean i dont like the quiet

just because i dont pay attention
means part of my brain is in narnia
just because i dont constantly remind you how much i care
means i actually care
just because i dont look at you when your talking
means i am busy, tell me later

just stop jumping to conclusions

i love baggy clothes because its comfortably warm
i am a dreamer and  i'm really weird
i dont walk tall i walk straight; where's the pride in that?

Cafiifa Jeylani ©
i dont know why i wrote this
but it's just my way of being straight forward with out making it rhyme. :)
Written by
Afiifa Jeylani  24/F/LDN
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