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Oct 2013
I wish I had a loving family I could call my very own,
     within the warmest house,
           never left alone.....
I wish I had a sweet mom,
     to tuck me in at night,
          to kiss my soft forehead,
               assuring me
                    everything will be alright.....
I wish I had a dad, to sit me upon his sturdy knee,
    to carry me upon his strong shoulders;
         how truly proud I'd be.....
I wish I had a brother, or sister,
     maybe two or three
          to have
                to hold
                      to hug
                            to always care for me.......
But these things I have none,
     these things I have never known,
           but it's nice at times to dream,
                 so I won't feel
                       so alone........
Wrote this after both my parents were gone, though I was older, no longer a child, I realized when mom and dad are gone you truly do feel like an orphan, no matter how old you are. Take the time to appreciate the good in your parents and siblings while you still can.......
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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