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Jul 2010
Its the same old feeling
I cant help but feel
I am beginning to become
OBviously quite CLEARLY aware -
Shaking my head at how ever so OBlivious I was .

To how deceitful
How misleading
ANd how amazing
You just really are.
ITs an art form
A trickery of the trades.
One I am so sure to be passed on
from generation to generation
In YOUR coniving blood line.

I became a helpless victim
Convincing me what we had -
What we presently have
and what our ever so pretty future
should be filled with

YOu called it  love-
However, LOve should not be
and tension filled

L O V E so spaced out
It will never come together
it will never be
what it should
You are the boy of the past
A figment of my once toxic filled dreams.

That is ex actly what you are to me.
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