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Jul 2010
The button is pressed
Like you would squeeze a trigger
Its not a bullet that hits us
But its just as fast
The camera flash
Snatches a snapshot of the past
But time won't let this moment last
So it's a good thing the lens
Played witness to this instance
Now the purity captured in enternity
Is proof of her and me currently
Loving our uncertainty
And for that spilt second
These trees are seized by the breeze
Though it is brief each leaf
Is gently rocked to sleep
And it's their dreams that I seek to keep
Because its seems to be the only time I can SEE
My reality is fading to fallacy
So this is my last stand
And I will fight it valiantly
You can take my vanity
But leave me my sanity
I have a feeling this sand will be
Far past challenging
So if you are up for it
Box it and store it
Put the pedal to the metal lets floor it
Remember I kissed your lips
So tag. You're it.
Hurry up and make your move
Cause soon there won't be enough room in this tomb
Keep your eyes on tomorrow
But still live for today
And if you can't see that far
Then all you have to do is say
"Please, show me the way"
Though we both know you won't stay
But I'll play along anyway
Cause when the flash comes again
I believe I'll be leaves in your wind
Even if for only a minute
And as long as you're in it
Each pictures worth
Is far more than 1,000 words.
Anthony J Alexander 2010
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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