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Oct 2013
This poem is stupid
It is idiotic
And makes no sense
More than likely
It is me tossing in my two cents
Into what I believe that love is

Honestly I don't see why we talk about what love is
Rather than what is does
If love didn't exist
This poem wouldn't exist
And therefore it would be nothing
But meaningless dribble that you wouldn't have checked out in the first place

Absolutely there is more to love
It's a fact, good ol' Paul said it best
But it still doesn't take away the logical stupidity of it
But maybe it's thanks to that stupidity that we are here in the first place
Maybe love is pointless, stupid, idiotic, and absolutely doesn't deserve to be here
But it's still here like us
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
   ---, --- and Emily Tyler
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