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Oct 2013
On Thursday
I found out what you said
On Tuesday
I'm going to **** myself

I tried to tell you
It's not worth it
We both know it

You said you'd stay
For now

I can't bear the thought
Of losing you

You're one of the few good things
That I have left in my life
I know it's cheesy
But please stay

You don't know how much
I need you
Or how much
My life would crumble without you

We both admit
At first
We hated each other
But look at us now

We're so close
Rumors started going around
That we were dating
So we made it look even more so

I tell you things
I wouldn't tell another soul
Or another person without a soul
Not even him

We've gotten in one
Maybe two
In the two years we haven't hated each other

That's impressive
For people like us
But being like us
Brought us closer together

You're better than anyone else I know
And I know a lot of people
You're one of my favorite people
In the entire world

I can't see my future without you in it
Without wanting to cry
Or scream
Or wish you were there

So for now
At least for tonight
Erica M
Written by
Erica M
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