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Oct 2013
Guilt, it consumes you
Not enough money,
Not enough respect,
Cannot please them enough.

The expectations, they strangle you.
Unreachable, unforgettable.
Must try, must fail.
But the disappointment is too much.

What is the point?
Lives lost, money gained.
It’s all one big game!
No one is a good person,
Only some worse than others.

In a world full of evil,
Of selfishness, of greed
What you do cannot be condemned
But it can be frowned upon

And when all you want is to impress,
Be accepted, be loved,
When all you are is denied and rejected,
There is nowhere for you to turn.

Money cannot soothe,
Cannot buy you innocence
The guilt will consume,
The dream turns to nightmare
inspired by "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller
He Pa'amon
Written by
He Pa'amon
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