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Oct 2013
Without one, there cannot be the other.
It is the sometimes harmonious,
sometimes discordant,
blend of dark and light,
that stirs within our shells,
creating life,
creating being.

It is the dark that makes the light angelic,
for it is when we have crawled from our deepest depths,
that we can truly bask in the glow
of glory and satisfaction.

It is the light that casts shadows,
making our darkest corners apparent;
it is the light that illuminates our flaws and errors
for the world to mock.

Observe the ever-moving flux and flow
of our twisted souls,
a hopeless state of affairs.
Confused and distorted
are we.

Seeking peace and calm
in our darkness;
our cowardice at the thought
of enlightenment.

Blackness engulfing,
troubles disappearing,
mistakes forgotten,
blemishes concealed.
Let us find solace in our weakness.

Let us crawl into the blackened crevices
of our souls.
But let light tease our toes and coax us
back out.
Let us not become swallowed and abused
by our fears.
But let us not burn and wither in the heat
of ourselves.
He Pa'amon
Written by
He Pa'amon
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