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Oct 2013
Try to hold your breath while reading this…

Did you know that you are alive because you are taking approximately 16 breaths per minute. On average that is around
960 breaths an hour,
23040 breaths a day
8409600 a year.

That means if you were to live to 80 years old by chance, you would have inhaled and exhaled around 672,768,000 breaths within your entire lifetime!

I don't know about you, but a year feels like a hell of a long time, it feels like there is a few too many left and too long to care… too much spare time, time to live.
Empty living space.
But I am 22… that mean that I have inhaled and exhaled…

( 8,409,600 x 22 = 185,011,200 times )

That means that I only have around
487756800 breaths
left in my life,
and that’s if I am to survive until 80 years old.
But lets be honest,
I've an acquired taste for liquor, smoke, danger, excitement and unhealthy food habits.
So it’s likely I’ve more like
151,372,800 breaths
left in my life.
Even in the best case I’ve a couple hundred million breaths spent and only a mere couple hundred breaths hold great memories.
As hard as it is to live by personally, I sometimes wonder why others or myself even allow room in their lives for or give strength to hatred when we exist coterminously as a collective species.
It’s simply nothing but a wasted breath.
When you think a little on the breaths you have left if feels a little like a countdown, and it even makes something you've probably taken for granted
like a great,
a little…

Written by
Nihl  Convict colony
(Convict colony)   
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