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Oct 2013
A picture captures a moment, a moment captures an emotion, and an emotion captures a thought.
This thought is released below*

   Listen to your heart and live to the beat, for its rifts can make paths through red oceans.

Feel your blood pump, as it fuels your brain, thus provoking your thoughts to recall the words of a poem written in the purest and most vulnerable state of mind
The mindset that lets your emotions surface from their sea bottom structures, because once upon a time you sank and could see bottom structures to hide away feelings in
So you did
Now your passion is in reeling them in to feel real
It feels ironic that you are now breaking those iron bars surrounding the things you once rounded up and surrendered to the depths
In fact, you still render them into the abyss so at times you can act, leaving your thoughts in the mist
It's beautiful, in its completely illogical sense that somehow after a full cycle you can see it's ingenious
Your muse is a renewable resource, and for every poisonous barrel that sinks, there is a little inspirational magic that floats back up and drives you to write tirelessly until your mind is again at peace
These words, like blood, are seen in all their power, at the surface
This art, like the vanes of a windmill going up and down, shall not die in vain, these arteries and veins run deep and drive me sane
Wherefore art thou, Axiomighty
I often ponder as I travel yonder
But I've grown fonder of the idea that I may never know
So long as for when it's complete
I have put on a show.
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