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May 24
There is a very excited energy
That you are able to leverage through not being me

Yes, I've seen it,
The pure rage and resentment that it should be this way.

"Who is that man?
I will not forfeit my energy for that loser, I want no part in it!"


Believe me when I say, the sentiment is reflected in my jet black body, too.

And honestly, I'm happy for you, though I know you don't care.

It's very strange, because you are entangled with me after all.

Of course I get jealous,
Why was I disallowed from that identity?

And it hurts when you brag about it.

You always "cheat on me," and I end up being painted however it goes. It's not right...
Written by
Sometimes Starr  Another place
(Another place)   
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