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Oct 2013
just another lovesick poem
written by another sad boy
being alone or
rejected or
"in love"
as if any of you
have the experience
to look at another human
and know
to the depths of your soul
that you are
in love
all lowercase
love isn't trumpets and fanfare
love is
quiet mornings and
simple dinners and
a willingness to be
love is
"hi babe
I know you've had a rough day at work
so you just lay there and
let me make you
"I'm gonna make you dinner
and then
I'm gonna tie you up and
love is not
what we were taught in church or
on the Disney Channel or
from a Stephanie Meyers novel
love is not
what your parents told you
"wait to have *** until you're
abstinence is good
condoms are bad
your *** should be vanilla
men are dominant
women are submissive
missionary is the only position
*** is about procreation not pleasure
love is self defined; find it for yourself.
Written by
Vivian  1 AU from a G2V star
(1 AU from a G2V star)   
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