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Oct 2013
see me fly close to the sun

watch my feathers trail and hopes plummet

all round the air

falling through the sky
Β Β 

evening pond..
cranes' beaks probe
last of daylight melts in rosemary-blue

lunar-moult occurs once
fins have fill of lacrymal-oceans
pedestal left behind when raiment-sown
into the slow-weave tapestry of awakening
sweeping over this landscape with seminal-flow
changing forever its inside-face

hear the unsignalled-whispers of the moon-child
it all lies in that feathered-hope

squiggle.. squiggle.. this message portent
on the palm of your sentry-pod
rustic purple on wheat-coloured earth
green-eyes smite the clouds its freedom
moving.. ever-moving.. then dissipate
into brilliant air
temporarily changing the sky's face
as the sun's eyelashes slowly meet

crawling onward
on the surface
of never

edging slowly to the sides now..veering
wait to fall..

can't ignore the ever-giving spores
lithe stems in a trance-like dance
yes, there is beauty in this non-stop dispersing
of that which asks
nothing in return


there must still be

a massive glitch

in the time-score*

st - 9 oct
~ notes ~
life, she is a strange thing..

sub-entry: shed

I'll catch the garment
that the moon will shed
invisible-rainbow to vision-eyes

in the next life .. .. ..

(descend thus from the sun, ye lowly-soul
find yer hiding-place 'neath craters of old..)
Written by
st64  flaming arrow
(flaming arrow)   
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