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Jul 2010
I long for day time to close her eyes,
So lessons can begin,
When closing doors and curtains means it's time to take you in,
My teacher, master if you will,
My guide to all things sultry,
My lover shows me such good things,
This feels like it's adultery.
You make me sit upon a bed,
Awash with lilac pettles,
You kiss my eyes, i feel your breath on me,
It helps me settle,
My clothes slide off, as if by magic,
All soft and gently so,
Your finger tips caress my body,
Sensuous and slow,
My ******* harden to your mouth,
My breath is short and shallow,
I take a lesson on felacio, and learn just how to swallow,
My education carries, i'm straddled,
And you release it,
My hips girate, and take you all,
I hardly can believe it,
Our climactic yells and groans confirm our satisfaction,
I shiver, moving gently now, you peak all my reactions,
Our love is sealed with oneness, here i am,
I'm wrapped around you,
My night school teacher loves me,
Night and day, thank god i've found you
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
   Angie May
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