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Oct 2013
I am
calling for my spirit guide
to take me back to the lost haven of Atlantis.

Various medias
Reach out to bug me,
so I'm praying while they lie in wait like a mantis.  

Dark lords
Rain down plagues that sicken the mind,
but I have the light which illuminates my advantage.  

And so
Into Imagi-nation
I can successfully vanish,
MANifesting a tangible reality,
Proving I'm not one they can manage.

was never against Nurture,
but the battle plays on just as they planned it.  

You're more powerful than those behind screens,
and your dreams will live when you demand it.  

Think of your thought as a seed and plant it.  

See your life within your third eye,
It's now time to revamp it.

Your vessel has been flying low seeking love,
It's already within you
-land it-

We are one*
Once you understand it,
Unto the you-niverse
you can hand it

Spark a fire of compassion and fan it

is how,
We expand bliss.

The list requires
initiating imagination
(like when we were kids)

Miracles exist

So long as you allow yourself to believe it
Written by
     st64, Fah, Oanalala, --- and ---
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