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Oct 2013
When did I become a poet?
When did - maybe I should take my notebook with me,
In case I have an idea for a poem,
Become the daily compulsion to take my notebook so I don't lose a poem.

Is it just the accolades, the 'likes' and nice comments
That say you've done well?
Perhaps a hang over from childhood
The little ticks next to each answer
'That's right' 'Good girl'

Or is it truly the creative expression
I have been searching for all my life?
Was it always there
Or has it developed?

When did I become a poet?
When did I become someone whose need to write
Would get them out of bed at night...
Otherwise that poem will be gone forever.
From someone who failed English at school.

When did writing a poem become
More important than sleep?
(Nothing is more important than sleep,
It's a well known fact)

When did I redefine who I am?
From the person who struggles with the written word.
And come to that, How did I?
I have a few other aspects of my life I would like to apply that skill to.
Kitty Prr
Written by
Kitty Prr  Auckland, New Zealand.
(Auckland, New Zealand.)   
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