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Oct 2013
... That I keep you in the tenderness of morning
Where your stillness is more terrifying,
more gentle and unassuming than all of the
neglected coins in the dresser drawer,
more resilient and defined than the creased
Edge of the holiday cards,
and more humbling than
The shape that my hands take on
When holding your memorabilia.
I catch myself wondering how ever at all
The infinitude of our silent exchanges
Could be reduced into a collection of things,
And that you have charged them somehow
With quality that I stand before baffled.
That maybe my mind is broken in the most suspectable ways,
Or that my unyielding defiance towards benign
Engagements instills such bewildering complexity
into some things we have touched, but that there is,
With out any doubt, an effort to remember you
In small ways or in novelties that bring me to
The same stillness in you.
and in that moment I envision so many ways
that you have affected the world, and myself,
And the objects of this room, but
In the morning light always.
Written by
Jory  Chicago
   ---, ---, Adreishka Luciano and ---
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