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Sep 15

The Real and Learned say what we know
as what we know is real and true
for lies and chicanery is not for the Enlightened

In bellowing red fog and sick lame minds
poisoners arrow barbs and threats
we'll do your head in and f--k you to paranoia

Alchoholic thieves and ignorant racists
labels a gainfully employed parasite
whilst on Unemployment Disability & Child Benefits

These sick hate drenched pathetic racists
fingers an honest quiet humble man
look he thinks he's it and he thinks he's better than us

Quiet man is one that talks legs off donkey
he's mad, weird loony and deluded
these are their confessions through all their projections

The wise know their ploys in clear plain sight
attack best form of defense says thieves
every thing they do to others tells us all we need to know
about them
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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