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Sep 2013
Are we condemned?

The whispering does not cease
The echoes of this house
The rotten fruit, the broken glass

The memories perish too
Can I not save one?
What I want does not matter

Even the pictures can't burn
The future prevented this
Before I could have taken the moments
Burned them away
I can't anymore

How inconvenient of you
How brave to show up
On the edge of the cliff
What a mistake to hold my hand
Prevent me from falling
It would have been wiser to hit and run
Would have been easier to let me fall
We would be all over the papers
The disaster condensed in bold typeface
But not in my dreams at least
Not like this

It's easier to forget written words
Than engraved feelings
Are we condemned, after all?
I think so
From the very moment I saw you
I will not say that I'm sorry
I will say nothing at all
What could my words be worth
When everything has been said and done
It is the time for emptiness, darling
The time for vacant stares and no words
We cannot sew ruptured time.
Andrea Zapiain
Written by
Andrea Zapiain
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