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Sep 2013
I want a lover.
Someone to share an intimate touch.
To bask in their presence.
To feel their body.

I want to bring a man joy.
To see the peaceful smile grow
As I gently stroke his chest,
As I kiss his lips, his cheek, his ear, his neck.

I want to feel him hard against me
As my hand moves down his torso.
Closer and closer to his ever growing ****
And down the side of his groin and upper thigh.

I love the smell of a man's body as he gets more and more aroused.
I breathe it in as I kiss his chest
Quickly flicking my tongue over him here and there.
As I move down, touching, kissing, licking.

Finally I'd put my mouth to his hard ****.
I kiss the tip, quick flick of my tongue
Then kissing the shaft.
I give a lick from base to tip, while caressing with my hand.

I revel over how ***** he is for me
As I slip my mouth over his dripping tip.
Oh yes, release that pre-*** into my mouth
As I slide my lips down your **** and **** you.

And I release, pause, stretch out the pleasure.
I gently glide my fingers from your ***** to tip
While looking deep in your eyes, smiling.
Both of us enjoying each other's pleasure.

You would roll me on my back
Reciprocating the thrill I just gave you.
Gently stroking and caressing my breast, torso and wet *****.
Kissing and licking, increasing my excitement.

And the thrill as your head goes between my legs.
You lick my ***** and it pulses.
You **** my **** and I get even wetter.
My muscles tense with the thrills shooting through me.

You love my arousal as much as I love yours.
Your licking and ******* makes me so wet.
I am more than ready for your **** inside me.

You know it.
You slip your tongue inside me instead.
Bringing me to the edge before you raise up.
You slowly slide your body over me.

Your hard wet **** is perfectly positioned
To slide into my waiting ***** as you move up my body.
The feeling of having you inside me
Is more exciting than anything else.

As my warm ***** drips over your ****
I tighten and release my muscles
To milk every last drop of *** from you.
Waiting for the look that makes me hornier than ever, your *** face.

I love your pleasure, and knowing I affect you like that.
As you push deeper and harder into me
My once loud moans and cries of 'Yes' and 'Oh God'
Become muffled, caught in the breathless ecstasy.

Yes, yes... YES!
You ***, squirting your beautiful *** deep inside me.
I few flicks and I ***, dripping all over your twitching ****.

Oh yes
Pos *** bliss
Hold me
And let me smell our powerful ******* on you.
Yes I do realise the many flaws in this, not really a poem, but you should see how messy my writing got about half way through.  And typing was interesting!  So yeah, not great form, grammar, text etc.
Kitty Prr
Written by
Kitty Prr  Auckland, New Zealand.
(Auckland, New Zealand.)   
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