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Sep 2013
where are women really safe?
how is it that society-collect FAILS
as humanity stumbles yet again.. and again?
our lady-folk are not safe..

bai* finds little comfort but in sibilant-twin
as no eye of sun nor ginoo laid eye on this binukot

Olga is the silent-saint; believes in charity at home
yet chaos ensues too easily - she is wronged and just gets.. lost in the system

Zandile fetches precious amanzi in her sun-soaked calabash
her vigilant-sister falls.. roving guerrilla-men from the river's edge

Michelle, la petite belle, survives the daily-grind via low-coin
tubes to Champs-Élysées as assistante-de-pharmacie

Aadita,  from the outset at 15, dons a veil hiding ****** acid-burns
she has some relative-luck to escape sati later on

Amy with downtrod-heart, grabs the tram to downtown family
wearing dark glasses and gloves on rainy-day blues

Emiko graced (yet cursed) with beauty struggles with ancient-practice
despite the ban, silent-suffering lotus-gait in the tiny village

Aisha may be alive but not well from ethnic-marking tragedy
as irugu are outcast from all-too prevalent gishiri-cruelty

might as well take a trip to Vladivostok
or be dumped in a sarcophagus
beneath the Pyramids
safer there

S T - 27 sept 2013 - *freitag
and the list goes on.. femicide / dowry killing / ****** slavery / breast ironing / bride burning / violence / **** (marital, date, genocidal, corrective, etc)

oh.. the practices, the wicked practices of the wayward-thinking on females of the world :(

Prime minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi said, "If a whole community is involved in this practice, you cannot jail an entire community. You have to change the mindset, and that takes time."

how long, still? how much more of suffering and death..?
can a figure cover it?

sub: fly to the sun

fly to the sun
bird's eye view
rivers a-shimmer and mountains a-hulk

no pandering to weird-wishes
of anyone

inhale tranquil-life
just the trees in the forest


fly to the sun
Written by
st64  flaming arrow
(flaming arrow)   
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