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Jun 1
Last night I closed my eyes and you came to me in the dark, just you in a room where you were surrounded by pitch black
Your face was blank, basically emotionless
as you stared back at me, it was like you were right in front of me and even when I opened my eyes your image was still fresh in my mind
No matter what I did I couldn’t make you go away
I didn’t feel scared of you but it just made me sad
Seeing you morph like my mind was remembering the details of your face and then you came into view the way I remember
As you,
with those eyes behind your glasses that they buried you in and that grey beanie that was on your head at your funeral, the one you wore to work so often, along with your other ball caps they removed from your desk
They told us we would feel so many ways for awhile after your loss
But no one mentioned you showing up in the dark
Scott I asked you to visit me. You were one of the only people I told about how I wrote poetry. If this is your way of coming to me, I see you. I miss you.
Written by
Lydia  28/F/smalltown, Ohio
(28/F/smalltown, Ohio)   
   Rob Rutledge
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