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Sep 2013
Light switches
Attentive *******
Bowls of liquor
Your ignorance is my enjoyment
Please let me take your picture
Capture seconds that are unrelated
As all your stances represent fixtures
Of people you thought you knew
Most of you are off that richter
No balance beam
Is there a libra in the room
I need someone to chat with
No disrespect to my main
He's on his cat ****
As I figure out which that an other story to tell
Most of you in here aren't formulated to my program
None of you were at day ones loss of words  
Or there for my off topic turnarounds like a ceiling fan
Crucial thoughts
As I move into another room
Remaining in a lucid shock
Fluid stares for everyone who remains in a box...
Party just started
Now I'm looking for a shot
I wanna forget it all but take everything you got
I'm drippen in gold
An expensive Taste...
I can afford a quarter for that pop
And if u wanna know about me I simply say just watch...
I feel like I should get quiet
Move out my spot
But I'm currently happy
On my journey up to the top....
So for the circle theory kids
Dreaming cars full in the lot...
Nobody can ever tell you to stop....

The effects.
Alexa Oliveira
Written by
Alexa Oliveira  Finland
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