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Sep 2013
Suspects questionable upsets
No remorse for the few who fall in love with objects .
Rude off the matter I choose to change subjects
No invitation to the patient
This is progress
My individual critical analysis
Is insusceptible to your *******
I can be pompous
But furthermore I've opened doors
And the fairytales of little ******
Will ensure broken masses
And I'm usually the type to forget to wear my glasses
I can't see much past this
But hey
I'm off in la la land today
And my ***** Ian still preaching that I'll be okay
But okay
Give me a way
Ill hop on board and travel backwards
Just so I can I see the future in another's past tense
Makes sense?
Regardless of the few who choose to listen
My words are meant for the open minded subscription
Or the sign up sheet at open mic
I forgot to mention
Glorify that ***** who speaks her mind
She needs attention
Her watches are kind of loud
Please tell her tone it down
The tick to her tick
Has me feeling bound
But oh well
See if your *** hurts
You should be the one to switch chairs first
Or maybe introduce yourself to Mr. Blue shirt
What a flirt
For any of you here part of the renegade
The explosions that be going off in a timely fade
Resume conversation after I leave the stage peace
Alexa Oliveira
Written by
Alexa Oliveira  Finland
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