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Sep 2013
Clearly I've been weary.
Upset at the fact
That I can't embrace light
When it's been given to me
He fell out the sky
What I guy
He's so into me
An he's not even tryin to get into me
I mean of course he is
But it's different now
He's the one that's tryin to give
His broken hearted pieces on the floor im trippen over them
Hearts been racing like I'm hopped up on some sodium
And be trying act and stay cool like that plutonium
And kiss his lips so strongly
Like I'm speaking at a podium...
And speaking to these people like im equal
But I even after the first
I don't care to make a sequel
Yet my guides have been telling me he has something to teach you
No gimmicks
Biggest critic
I get nervous when I see him
I wanna be the prettiest in the room
Even tho the lights are dim
But hey what I can say
I can express letters all day
And make love to the sounds of his foot steps
No foul play
I wanna show him what I've known for the longest
But maybe he's the one
Who needs to be the strongest
And all I have to do
Is to stay true to my to do list
And make sure he's the only one at the awards to come with...
Alexa Oliveira
Written by
Alexa Oliveira  Finland
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