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May 2
Does how a person lives,
Determine what the Universe gives?
As long as one is slaving hard to pay,
There is no change on the way

What is clear:

Those who rule are not the people’s tool
They will burn it all down to keep their crown
There is need for comprehensive change
To bring freedom and equality into range

How do we meet everyone’s needs?
(Not based on their background or deeds)
It seems hard to make this fair
And still give everyone their share

Progress requires:

Faith in science & Support for defiance
Realize the vision & Eliminate division
Everyone their strength to society vows,
As individual strength allows.

History is not utopian
Everyone must help for it to win
Individuals do not exist in isolation.
But they can live cooperatively in this nation
loosely based on the Wikipedia article-
Dan Filcek
Written by
Dan Filcek  46/California
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