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Sep 2013
I want to learn...
Other languages.
To play the saxophone.
To be happy without the kind of love I want.
To be happy without ***, and ok with that.

I want to learn...
To dance in the rain
(**** glasses!)
How to make men desire me uncontrollably.
To stop contradicting myself.

I want to learn...
To draw and create beautiful art.
To dance - ballroom, latin, rock 'n' roll.
To feel secure in myself.
To find a way to live which satisfies
My multiple personalities with conflicting views.

I want to learn how to be happy regardless.
And I don't want to have to,
For some people it comes naturally.

I want to learn...
How to let go of wanting
(But I think I might like it).
Or how to get what I want.
Or to want what I get?

**** it, this is too introspective.
**I just want wild ***
With a tender, passionate Lover!
Sorry about the ending, it was giving me a headache and my brain rebelled.
Kitty Prr
Written by
Kitty Prr  Auckland, New Zealand.
(Auckland, New Zealand.)   
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