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Sep 2013
If you thought you were invincible,
Then Mr fantastic is the name that I bare. Lower your force field, no need to fear.
I could answer a thousand questionnaires and still "You" I would prefer.
Like daddies first gift, am your teddy bear.

Resisting your tender dimpled smile was a harder battle than I could bare.
A trail of your presence, I would follow, lavender in the air.
Watching you walk away entices my stare.
It makes me wonder the identity of the architect behind your hypnotic rear.

Now we play, we fight, we tease, we care.
You make me a warrior in the game of truth or dare.
Stay alive with me far and near.
Life only exists in these moments we share.

And as my fingers playfully drape between your hair.
You giggle softly, as my whispers flow in your ear.
I shelter you completely from the front and rear.
I will have my way, your kiss, our cheer.

As we seat together in a bamboo chair.
Am energised in a place so rare
You roll your backside like none other could compare.
Like all good girls gone bad, you leave me lusting for a heir.

Tonight, a private party awaits up the stairs.
Laid waiting by the sofa, cherries and cream is all you wear.
Luring closer, your index finger beckons for my sensual strong souvenir.
A love feast begin with a prayer in arrears.

Like a stallion, you submit completely into my care.
simmering with radiance as I sweeten your lair.
I carve your arches with honey and steer.
You got me feeling like romeo in a
viewtiful affair.

Your skin speaks and my hands understands its fears,
Your eyes full of desire, my heartbeat fully aware
Your lips "hypnotic", my eyes hang on it like a chandelier.
We float away while our lungs beg for air.

One touch to your soft spot, I move like a musketeer.
Your fingers claw my back to go deeper in there.
You feel a flood building, aching to be spared.
I suspend it all and pull out instead.

Can you feel it coming, be prepared.
Like Moses said, "I" will take you there.
A water fall rises for the one who fared.
You recite the lords prayer but my name you declare.

Life could be pointless without a care, Best to find something interesting and relieve the despair.
Like the way you found that flower blooming in the air,
The same way I found you and knew we could be a pair.
Mr Jay
Written by
Mr Jay
   Nat Lipstadt and Emily Tyler
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