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Jan 30
There's no gental way to stay
No plans for tomorrow
It's coldest just before the sun rise
Tips on poise and what to be
Pass from them to me

Like devastating news
That note of wound waits
Getting to know yourself
By the weight of your compassion
Trying to explain the past
Through strangers expressions

I lie to you about what
I have been
Not to make myself look better
But to hide what I've lived
Comparing their reaction
To what I said

So I swallow
look for a way to fit in
Eventually realizing
They never did

People like us
People like us
Have lived
Lives like fiction
that they fact

Expect us not to bite
while biting back
Standing on a landslide
cage in hand

Traped in your wave of dirt
No clear path
Cut myself on the way down
But I come back-

We recover
to suffer
To start again
we shiver
turn over
go again

I know about these days
Take my hand-
Writing this song on a telephone
Was not my plan
life's jump
Written by
life's jump  M/From the road
(M/From the road)   
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