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Sep 2013
Something big is going to happen. I've felt this way for awhile. It is beyond any single human, and affects the entirety of the planet as we know it. We have been taken for fools for too long but we, my friends, have power in numbers. More and more I see that there are so many of us, "conspiracy nuts," who are only delving down these roads to better the save the world. I've seen the growth of love within myself, as well as all of you who are awake, more than ever before. We are far more powerful than they give us credit for, for, we have eyedeas..which cannot be tortured, erased, or fall to an unfortunate overdose. Do not fear, but also do not abandon hope. We must ride high on our own energy.. our collective energy, which also, cannot be destroyed. We must spend this energy wisely. We must follow our intuition, against all opposition until the perceived end. Whether we see it with our physical eyes or not, the positive changes we believe in are coming..

If you're not living it already, it's time to be the change, and stand up for what you know in your heart to be true. Not what your mind tells you, silence it. Not what the media tells you, press the power button, recycle the papers. We must learn to see how we are all connected, and there are those who will stop at nothing for personal power. I want what's best for all, and what has gone on for countless years has only dampened our spirits and kept us in line, distracted.

Get out of bed, it's time to wake up.
Written by
   ---, Amara, Mercie B and ---
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