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Dec 2022
Sweet Dreams
4 December 2022

Wonder my sweet dreams,
Filled each eve with you.
Can you hear my tender words?
Spoken kind and true.
Each night flavored wine,
As we head abed,
Holding sweetest mine,
We are gently wed.
Smiling drifting sleep,
Life prayers said.

Every night gathered,
We are not alone.
Waiting calls to come,
An empty phone.

Just around corner times,
Our love singing whole.
Tomorrow sunshine, cold or snow,
Future cannot know.
Dreams of you come with me,
Everywhere I go.
Fate told cruelty hold,
Unable body bolds.

I bring you dream red roses,
Love courage tight enfold.
Will that Gods will bless me,
When time fades to gray.
I dream those times asea,
Every blessed day.

When I rise in morning,
Last yawns loose the dawn,
You’ll be there to hold me,
Listen to my song.
I’ll dream of you forever,
Our love never gone.
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