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Sep 2013
are stretched out,
lithe and feline,
in a patch of sunlight on the taupe carpet
in a sweater and jeans,
the sweater fraying and courtesy of your
grandmother in Maine.
she doesn't remember you.
the jeans tight and courtesy of the
salesgirl in Savannah.
she doesn't forget you and
she doesn't think she could.
she still remembers
the shape of your hips
in your denim cutoffs
when she lies in her bed.
she still remembers
the contours of your bare midriff
salaciously exposed by your crop top
when she squeezes her
she still remembers:
shoulderseyeslips freckles voice tone pitch legs toes.
she still remembers.
Written by
Vivian  1 AU from a G2V star
(1 AU from a G2V star)   
   ---, mΓ»re, gg and Kelly McGuire
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