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Sep 2013
A deep red hue drips from his eyes.
Bleak ideas being entertained by the executioner.
A sharp knife tells truths that no word can.
He slowly carves down the middle with intent to remove the heart.
No gasps or shrieks of pain as death has already set in.
The bored executioner sighs and a sparkling tear drops from behind his hood.
"I have done more than my share for this poor man. The rest is for the worms."
He removes his hood and cleans his blade.
"I need to **** something."
He leaves his chamber of death to frequent the nearby brothel.
He approaches the madam and asks for "the one with the ***."
A tall young lady with orange hair and a behind that could easily hold a cup of the finest vino whilst she is standing appears.
She is "dressed" in a tiny bra covering only most of her ******* and a pair of shorts so tight her ***** lips are visible.
"How the hell did you even get that pair of shorts on that big ol' ***?" the executioner asks.
She begins to talk, but it is mostly mindless ambiance to the executioners ears.
He interrupts her jabbering, throws down a thousand dollars taken from his blood stained jeans and grabs the well endowed young lady and takes her back to the room upstairs, unknowing of the fact that she will never be seen alive again...
Written by
David Walker  Ohio
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