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Nov 2022
Thoughts are oozing out of sunshine
In some nerdy way
Trying to die heavenly
In a blinding golden way
Watching by the very distance
Of my pretty anxiousness
Sinking in that brief smile
Of my Pink Floyd bliss
There is some cold and distant air
Over this ugly day
Its hits me like a single mother
Digging her babies grave
All i see is peaches
In a sharp and heavy fall
Elliott Smith whispering
"man mitski makes me tall"
The sirens of the bridges
And those soldiers over bay
Dying of bombs less louder
Than the men they slay
Once i had a beautiful dress
Soaked in victory wine
Resembling that tempting feeling
To tear you apart and make mine
But that dress was torn from the town
Town torched by those men
Elliott Smith whispered again
"why are here? For some plan?"
Now i see the younger door
Hanging from a mine
Skinny and anxious waiting for someone
Hinting that brief smile
Never before has he smiled
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