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Sep 2013
I hope that you buy that frilly dress you see at the store. I hope you wave to the boy that you think is attractive. I hope you laugh at any and every joke that you think is funny. Don’t be afraid to have a voice. Don’t be afraid to smile at yourself in the mirror. Just because you love yourself doesn’t make you “smug” no matter how many times they tell you otherwise. Wear red lipstick no many times people tell you that you look like a clown. If it makes you feel good, so be it. Read a book instead of your timeline. Take a walk instead of pacing your room waiting for him to message you. If he messages you, it will be there when you get back. Stop procrastinating, an hour of homework a day is better than a month of non-stop homework at the end of the school year. Listen to your favorite band no matter how “gay” your friends say it is. Make good friends. If the people in your life don’t make you happy, don’t allow them inside of it. If the people in your life are sad, try your best to make them happy. Keep in mind that no one can save you but yourself but someday you’re going to need a shoulder to rest on for balance. Ask for help. You are a speck upon this earth, but you can make a change. This world is big and not everyone is going to treat you nicely. That’s okay. Everything will be okay.
Written by
naivemoon  Maine
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