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Sep 2022
Yo I wasn't,
Meant to fall from heaven,
Got blessed with war veterans,
There I am again,
Facing the cold cuts of the winds,
Careless I just sit back,
And let my rillo caress,
Lay my head, between my wife's
Reminscing the best,
Time we had, I'm glad,
My years on earth was golden,
Lost seed chosen,
To try to save the world,
Too many boys and girls,
Y'all can have the pearl,
Blacks the new hate,
Whites the new delegate,
Old news, bumped
Out the crate,
Racial division, I see the vision,
Once I found my decision,
Picked wrong over right,
Darkness over the light,
Melanin survivor, soul diver,
Spin wiser than MyGyver
Who's liver,
With the shells I spit, I shook
Up the whole nation,
Saw the sun and moon,
On different rotations,
One side is cold, the other side
Is hot and bold,
Emotions on a roller coastin,
The hearts of men,
Can't break the vision, I see myself living,
In a dream,
Only to wake up, I'm dead fool,
Now I got rouge as my make up,

The crossovers lovely,
Now I see my family,
Tears and hugging me,
Over my casket,
But I feel no pleas,
My souls empty,
Got tempted to come back,
To the scenery,
As a baby,
Why curse my seed,
And add to the bleed,
See different versions of me,
In this old age society,
I sit in the corner, thinking who
Hearing me,
These dreams feel so vividly,
My wife ain't even next to me,
Half dead half alive,
How can I thrive,
And find ways to survive,
These everyday jives,
Don't wanna cause no harm,
embraced the fifth dimension charm,
Carry pain on my arm,
Ring the alarm,
Spirits in every direction, can't
Find no protection,
My souls open, wasted and potent,
Hate loves the company,
And misery,
Spread all over the globe,
Check the fiery abode,
Ain't no love no more,
Too much grief to the heal,
The restore,
I sit on the surface core,
Dwelling the star lines, feel my heart
On a flat line,
Back to the first line, double vision,
Can't see the incision,
I'm dead fool, just remember you're nobody til somebody, kills you,
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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