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Sep 2022
It was a beautiful day,
Sun is hidden away,
And listen to what nature
Had to say,
My minds at ease,
Nothing to my conscious,
To tease,
Me about I'm just on that
Spiritual route,
Don't **** me vibe,
I'm just tryna survive,
Like the next man,
Or woman,
I'm cooling no time for droolin',
Over negativity,
Embrace longevity,
Envy the biggest enemies
To humanity,
Why can't we,
All just sit back and blaze
And ounce to that,
Old school tracks,
As the vinyl's cracks,
Soul music let the melodies
Walk into ya body,
Illuminati tried to blind me,
But I'm wires differently,
New age baby,
But old school raised me,
Golden principles 80s,
A scholar and wise,
Don't need corporate ties
To get a taste, and realize,
The lies,
Told to me since day one day come,
Daylight some,
But darkness makes the
Most bombs,
Covered with filthiness, I can attest
I say it with my chest,
But back to this herbs that bless,
Slowly caress,
Mary's lips, grab a close hold of
Her hips,
Slowly pull her in,
Yeah the party's jumping,
Got a few sips of gins,
Got a **** looking for a hen,
To put my licks in,
Feel me mayne,
I'm in the fast lane, coastin,
As the fires roastin',
Way pass overdosin',
No drunk drive I'm just scaling
The highs,
Down to the lows, angels in all angels,
Reaching to me,
It's so lovely, .maybe these
Weeds playing minds tricks
On me,
Another day in the Houston daily,
I catch all subliminals,
When I'm high, toward the sky,
So high oh so high,
Byrd's playing the words,
Mellow music bump up the
Soul surround universal pounds,
Up my adrenaline,
Used to be a middle man,
But now I'm chilling with herbs
In hand,
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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