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Sep 2013
I see you sad and it tears my world apart,
On stage when you are performing,
The joy in your eyes dominant,
One thing can influence everything.
When management turned down your mic on stage,
Your world turned sour but mine started crumbling into little pieces,
You are My Life, My World,My Heart belongs to you,
To see you sad kills me inside,
Especially that Harry had to go over and comfort you,
I was furious with management,
I could've killed the person that hurt you and made you sad,
Call me overprotective,
You don't even know me and probably never will,
Yet I will lay my life down on the line for you any day,
I love you and will alwaysstand by your side,
Niall Horan.
I wrote this because I was furious with management for turning Niall's mic down and for even slightly suggesting that he only play guitar and not sing. Niall, if you are out there somewhere, if you ever want to talkor anything, I am just and always will be a message away...
Candy Floss Fairy
Written by
Candy Floss Fairy  Aus
     LarryIsLifexx, ellie and Malteser Fairy
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