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Sep 15
he came from a small asteroid
and learned so much more from this big messy world
than those who have lived in it

how does he do
when we have to face hours without sunsets
and fall apart in the night

how he does
when we make ourselves the strangers he saw
and pretend the world we share is our own, only planet

how he has done
when we would rather throw our rose's glass case
to the floor
when we remember her thorns on our skin
and complain about the shards of our own doing

he has the innocence to believe the sheep was in the box
we would freak in our bigotry that there is only the box
and nothing within

he is an alien
and so were we
we covet his life
for we in our humanity
effort to strive to his simple omniscience
the opposites to our situations
our own baobab trees
growing within us

and i wonder
why was the price he took
to go home
what is the price we pay
to make ours
to return to ours
to be us

shine like star,
you meteor, ephemeral

i must need to leash my sheep
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