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Sep 10
Maybe I'm Madder than the Hatter;
But it took smoking on a Caterpillar
To realize that I was making it a habit
To become Alice
In order to give chase after you, my White Rabbit.

So I guess the Cheshire Cat
Was right, in fact,
Because you never know who really has your back.
And while you Tweedled with my Dee, making me go Tweedled ******* Dumb,
I really should've paid close attention
To what was the outcome.
For even as I hoped that I wasn't in this alone,
You looked down at me from the height of your throne,
The Queen of a Heart that continues to roam.

So you made deals with the Devil,
But over the phone, you claimed everything was handled.
Now, I feel trapped inside a scandal.
It's breaking me apart, corrupting my ****** soul.
You had me questioning if you were really mine's;
I really should not be so surprise.

I wish I could take back so many countless nights,
When I stayed to put up with the countless lies.
I pray you get all that you deserve,
That would be only the best, even though I'm hurt.
I can't shift gears to back uptime into reverse,
So I must find the drive to pick myself from out of the dirt.
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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