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Aug 27
i saw upon the sunrise the smiles of a happy day, among faces half asleep

who's smiles of relief for a new day is darkened by the realization of a tiring one

yet i saw the children

who sees outside the bus window only the beauty of splendor
the beauty of the sky in its easiest to be stared

i wonder how they smile, and how we dont

they speak to me more than the crowd's launguishing wait for their next ride to tiredness

their faces says, smile, because we can

smile for the memories of people who forget

smile for the happiness in a world full of frowns

smile because you can, and it is better than nothing

better than saying, i am to be tired

better to say, i will tire myself with a smile

i smile because it is okay to be in this world

i smile because it is okay to face sadness

i smile because we want happiness, and the smallest smile can be the happiness of lifetimes

smile because it is beautiful, and it is best to be beautiful with the sky

smile because you can

smile because you should

smile because it is okay
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