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Jul 2010
They say your body is a temple, and I found
This to be true, for in my temple I found you.
I felt your soul surround me like a mist
On a foggy day, and right then I knew
That in my heart forever you would stay.

My body is a temple and
You are the foundation
you control my heart
And every sensation.

Now this temple had become a temple of two
For it belonged to me and you.
We built this temple for all the world to see
That thru love this is the way it should be.

When you’ve shared the most precious
Moments that GOD did provide
When not on all topics did we see eye to eye
When in sickness you was the comforting stone
And you know that you’re not alone.

When that temple seems to be falling apart
And youβ€˜ve lost all hope in your heart.
When it seems like you have no other place to go
And your thoughts are moving slow
That is when you turn to the lord above
To show you how to rekindle that love.

The body is a temple and in it I found you
And with your strength I know what I have to do.
I will rebuild this temple with the love of my life
For  you are my partner, my lover, my wife.
louis rams
Written by
louis rams  florida
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